15 Party Theme Ideas

So there’s a birthday coming up and there’s a surprising amount to think about and prepare!┬áThe best place to start is at the beginning… Choose a theme and go from there.

You know your child’s interests best, but here’s 15 theme ideas for an art and craft party (because that’s what I do best!):

  1. Princess and Knights
  2. Pirates
  3. Superheroes
  4. Fairies
  5. Unicorns
  6. Mermaids
  7. Animals (farmyard, wild, sea, jungle)
  8. Sport
  9. Teddy bear’s picnic
  10. Vehicles (boats, trains, cars, planes)
  11. Cowboys and Indians
  12. Rockband
  13. Robots
  14. Space
  15. Rainbow



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