15 Party Theme Ideas

So there’s a birthday coming up and there’s a surprising amount to think about and prepare! The best place to start is at the beginning… Choose a theme and go from there.

You know your child’s interests best, but here’s 15 theme ideas for an art and craft party (because that’s what I do best!):

  1. Princess and Knights
  2. Pirates
  3. Superheroes
  4. Fairies
  5. Unicorns
  6. Mermaids
  7. Animals (farmyard, wild, sea, jungle)
  8. Sport
  9. Teddy bear’s picnic
  10. Vehicles (boats, trains, cars, planes)
  11. Cowboys and Indians
  12. Rockband
  13. Robots
  14. Space
  15. Rainbow



No Carve Pumpkins

I don’t know about you, but I’m not really comfortable giving my three year old a knife to carve a pumpkin yet (I’ve given her a hammer, screw driver and grater before, but giving her a knife makes me a little nervous!) so we’ve been decorating pumpkins with stuff from our art supplies.


In the above picture Edie’s pumpkin is on the left. She started by painting her pumpkin all over in different colours, we used normal ready mixed paint that you can buy pretty much anywhere. It looked great, but she wasn’t happy with it, it was patchy in places and some of the colours had mixed so it ended up quite dark.

Before the paint had dried she spotted the glitter (that’s my girl!) and covered her pumpkin with pretty much everything I had! I love the result… it just screams Edie!

I couldn’t decide how to decorate mine, so I started by painting half of it black and half of it white. When the paint dried I poured PVA glue down one side and we watched it drip down the sides of the pumpkin, covered it in red glitter and thought it looked like blood dripping, but cool glittery blood!

On the other side I started playing with a chalk pen I found in a drawer, drew a spider web and it also looked good. Then we added a glittery spider and realised sometimes less is more!

Last year we glued tissue paper to one pumpkin and on the other (which I had already painted white) we dripped different colour paints on the top and watched what happened as the paint dripped, mixed and swirled. It’s probably my favourite.

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If you’d like even more ideas, just put “no carve pumpkins” into Pinterest… There are literally so many cool ideas from your favourite characters, patterns to autumn leaves!

Happy decorating!

Edie’s Ballerina Birthday Party

Edie and Lola’s birthdays are only 2 years and 5 days apart, perfect for a joint birthday party in the garden! Seeing as Lola is only 1, Edie got to choose the theme… Ballerinas!

We started the party by making ribbon wands for the girls to dance with. It was a fairly simple activity with little mess to avoid ruining their pretty little ballerina tutus. I had prepared the wands by simply dipping the ends into some glitter and adding some wire to the top to thread the ribbons through. The girls decorated their wands with washi tape, stickers, and pens, then the chose their ribbons and we attached them.

I’m lucky enough to have a friend who teaches ballet to children, so naturally I called in a favour and asked her to hold a short dance lesson for the girls. They loved it! The wands were the perfect accessory and they looked super cute waving them around!

During the dancing I set out cupcakes with little ballerina corset toppers, pink butter icing and different decorations. The kids went wild! They spent ages decorating their little cupcake ballerinas… and then consumed them in a matter of minutes! It was definitely a winner!

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